‘We have well equipped labs in the school, where students put theory into practice. All facilities are provided to our children to meet the curriculum demands with care and guidance of our expert faculty. Besides being equipped the labs are spacious, airy, organised and well kept 24×7.

We have Three science labs for the students

The Physics Lab:
Demos, experiments and practicals are carried out by the students over here.Students are guided and observed while they are at work in the lab.

The Chemistry Lab:
The smell of fumes that emanates from this lab defines the young scientists into the making. The lab is thoroughly equipped and proves to be a platform for the young minds. All the experiments are carried out under vigilance. Besides the experiments, all activities are as per the NCERT requirement are also executed in the lab.

The Biology Lab:
The Bio lab gives hands on experience to the students in all aspects of the subject. There are live and preserved specimens of plants and animals to facilitate course experiments.



!!CELEBRATING 132 YEARS OF "Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa(C.S.S.T)" 24th April 2019 FOUNDATION DAY!!