1. Every child should possess a copy of School diary,which should be brought to school every day.
  2. On Class days,school functions & practices for the same every pupil is expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the season.Pupils should come to School clean & tidy.Pupils who are not correctly dressed & whose general appearance do not confirm to such regulations as the school prescribes will be penalised by the Principal.
  3. The school day commences with the school Assembly,in which all students must be present.All (Teachers & Students) should be present in the School at least 5 minutes before the bell for the assembly.
  4. At the first Assembly bell there must be perfect silence in the school building and on the grounds. The students will then proceed in orderly formation to the place of Assembly .They will take up in the attitude of prayerful silence and join their hands in asking God to bless their day.
  5. The School gate will be closed at the first Bell and late comers will be asked to go the home at the risk of the parents/guardians.
  6. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the morning session and at any time during a day.Only students who have 90% of the number of working days up to 2nd term examination date will be allowed to sit for the examination.The names of students of class X who will fall short of attendance will be withdrawn from the board examination.Irregularity in attendance will be registered in the students character certificate/report book.Particular note will be taken of students who absent themselves during the period before any tests or examination.
  7. Punctuality is expected at every class and attendance will be taken at classes like P.Ed.,S.U.P.W,Singing,Value Education and Catechism as also in the Laboratories and Library.
  8. English shall be spoken at all the times in the School Premises by the Students & Teachers.
  9. Any students found outside the school premises during school hours without permission, will be rusticated for atleast one week.Any repetition of this offence will result in expulsion .Needless to say, this will figure strongly in the student’s character certificate.
  10. Pupils on their way to & from School are expected to report themselves in a responsible ,decent manner.They are reminded that the school is judged by their conduct.
  11. Any class /group found guilty of any form of mass absenteeism either before examinations or for any particular function will have the same penalty imposed on them as in Serial No.9.
  12. Students have strict instructions not to eat anything from the vendors at the school gate.Action will be taken against any student found guilty of violating this rule.
  13. Running,playing and shouting is forbidden in the school building during school hours.
  14. During the last period of the day no student will be allowed to leave the classroom.The class will be dismissed only after the prayer.
  15. No student will be allowed to go home during class hours.No half day will be granted.
  16. Exemption from Physical Education is permitted only for serious health reasons and with a medical certificate. Students who have obtained exemption must nevertheless accompany the class to the field.
  17. No collection of money be done in class without the prior knowledge of the Principal.
  18. No books (other than text books or library books),magazines,papers,transistors,radios or play equipment may be brought to the school without the principal’s written permission.Cell phone & calculators ,are strictly forbidden.
  19. Pupils who are absent for more than two weeks without submitting a leave application will be removed from the rolls & will not generally be readmitted.
  20. Pupils are not granted leave outside the regular vacation period except in case of illness.
  21. (a) The school authorities have right to dismiss students for any of the following reasons without warning:
  • Immoral Behavior.
  • Habitual contempt shown to the school authorities.
  • Deliberate destruction of the school or school Property

           (b) For the following reasons the students are liable to be punished according to the discretion of the school                       authorities:

  • Repeated Dishonesty.
  • Persistent mischief among students.
  • Confirmed laziness.
  • Fights in the school premises before, during or after school hours.
  • Students will be permitted to commute to and from School only by Private/Public Transport,Rickshaws & Bicycle.
  • Defaulter of School fees continuously for 3 months the name will be struck off the from the rolls.


  1. To prevent their children from being inconvenienced the parents are requested to note that the following will have to be sent home,the school disclaiming all responsibility.
  2. Those who do not bring back in time duly signed Circulars,teacher’s remarks etc.
  3. Those suffering from a disease at the contagious or infectious stage.
  4. Students who do not confirm to the school rules concerning cleanliness,neatness & other matters of discipline.Similar action may taken is a student does not do his Homework rather often, if he frequently neglects to bring his books,etc.,or if he fails to bring an entry in the absence Record the day of unauthorized absence.
  5. Pupils must take care of their belongings which should bear the name of the owner ,School authorities are not responsible for the lose or damage of their belongings.
  6. Presents to teachers or demonstrations in their honour are not allowed without the special permission of the Principal.
  7. A notice of two days must be given for any certificate or document required from the school.
  8. The school will attest photographs of students only in the School Uniform .The photographs should be according to the present age of the pupils.
  9. Visitors (Parents & Others) are not allowed to see the students during class hours without the Principal’s permission.

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