GIRLS: Navy Blue pleated divided skirt,white short sleeved blouse with shirt collar,black ribbon or hair band,black shoes and white socks.

BOYS: Navy Blue Shorts (pants for Std.VI and above),White shirt and black shoes and white socks(maroon turbans)

All students : Maroon tie with school monogram and maroon belt.


Grey woolen pleated skirt,white long sleeved blouse, grey jersey with a ‘V’ neck,black shoes,grey socks,black ribbon or hair band(Maroon Blazer with the school monogram is compulsory for children of Std.I and above).


Grey woollen pants,white long sleeved shirt,grey jersey with a ‘V’ neck,black shoes,grey socks,maroon turbans (Maroon Blazer with the school monogram is      compulsory for children of Std.1 and above).

New Session For STD LKG & STD 11

will begin from Apr 08, 2024

and vacancy AVAILABLEfor NURSERY CLASSES in NH - 5, NIT, Faridabad