There will be only two semester Examinations and two Unit Tests.The academic Year will be divided into two Semesters.

  1. A pupil should show satisfactory progress during the year to be eligible for promotion,which is based on the whole year’s performance.
  2. On no condition will promotion on trial be granted.
  3. Examinations cannot be deferred nor can be anticipated to suit the individual’s convenience.
  4. Absence from the Examination means a total loss of marks.In case of absence due to illness,a doctor’s certificate will be required before the commencement of the examination.
  5. Results at the end of the Scholastic year will be given on the appointed day to all those who have paid their dues as well as returned the library books.
  6. Results of the Examination are final & cannot be reconsidered.
  7. Examinations are not conducted for absentees.There will be no re-exam foe the student.
  8. Answer papers of the Final Exam shall not be shown.Parents & Students should not contact the office regarding this matter.
  9. In class VIII,the result will be withheld if the student does not pass in Sanskrit.
  10. Failure in the examination for two consecutive years will necessitate the withdrawal of the student from the school.
  11. Any student found cheating or attempting to cheat in an examination will be given a zero in the paper and will not be allowed to appear for any other paper. Any kind of talking making signs,exchanging seats or any chits will be understood as attempting to cheat.

New Session For STD LKG & STD 11

will begin from Apr 08, 2024

and vacancy AVAILABLEfor NURSERY CLASSES in NH - 5, NIT, Faridabad